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SolidRun Community Wiki pages

The SolidRun Community Wiki pages covers the CuBox-i, HummingBoard and the SR-uSOM-MX6 i.MX6 based MicroSOM

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Information for users

First Steps and Howtos

Use cases

How do you want to use your CuBox? Play music and video on your television, use it as a web server or file server, or as a full desktop system? Below is a small overview of different use cases.


A distribution is a complete operating system. Some distributions are general Linux systems and can be used for a lot of uses. Others are geared to just one particular use case.


It is impossible to brick a CuBox-i with software alone. If your software or configuration changes are in error, your CuBox-i might no longer boot. Your first step should always be to flash a new distribution to an SD card, and see if that solves the problem.

Information for developers

Getting Involved and Key Resources


Retail HummingBoard Packages


What is a MicroSOM?

Retail MicroSOM

Kernel and boot loader

More resources

CuBox-i and Carrier-One Resources Links (Deprecated)

Obtaining Android ADB access to CuBox-i

Information for manufacturers

Industrial Applications

Automotive Applications

Hobbyist / Prototype Makers

There are a total of 48 pages.